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Privacy Statement – Mary Sawyer Occupational Therapy

Initial personal information will be collected for purposes of billing and report writing. At each session your therapist will collect information which might be important to your ongoing management and treatment, such as treatment results, goals, progress made.

The therapist may collect this information through filing out forms, asking you questions and observing your performance at tasks.

The therapist will collect this information in your case file – either a paper file or a computer file. This file is stored in a locked office or a single data base. The computer file is backed up on an external hard drive.

Only staff of Mary Sawyer Occupational Therapy have access to the computer files. Paper files are stored in a locked filing cabinet.

This information is used with the permission of the client to write reports and funding submissions to compensable bodies, or government bodies with the client’s approval.

On occasion a particular insurer requests a report from an occupational therapist, the patient will be made aware that the information that they reveal will be given to the insurer and will be included in the occupational therapists report. Any verbal information discussed or activities observed during the assessment may be included in the report. This information will be used to assist the insurer to make decisions regarding funding equipment, treatment, modifications or attendant care. This information may be discussed with other members of the patients treating team including, but not exclusive to doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, recreation specialist, speech therapist, neuropsychologist.

If you are a client of Mary Sawyer Occupational Therapy your information will not be provided to a lawyer or anyone without your written permission.

No information is ever provided overseas.

Adult client data will be stored for at least 7 years after the file has last been used in a locked area. Children files will be kept until they reach the age of 25 years.

PO Box 1054, Surrey Hills North, 3127 0417 946 591